Onome Odometa



Meet Onome

Internationally known as a global and visionary leader in the entertainment, social enterprise, wealth management and fashion industries.  Onome Odometa has demonstrated a unique ability to run large organizations while helping the less privileged and inspiring hope through philanthropy. 

Onome is the Founder and CEO of Hedge Productions, a leading independent film and television production company which is fast emerging as an international entertainment platform that promotes inspiring African stories.

Her dedication to helping those in need, and her passion for women and children led Onome to found and chair the Onome Aid Foundation, a social enterprise advocating against abuse, poverty and lack of proper education while promoting employment.

Onome joined AIICO Capital in 2014 as a pioneer staff in the Sales Department. She later became responsible for all new clients of the Company as the Head of Private Wealth Management and Client Services and a Member of the Management Committee of AIICO Capital Limited. During her tenure in the Company, she was primarily responsible for business development and client services for all AIICO Capital’s external clients, and growing AIICO Capital’s external clients assets under management from US$0.5million in 2014 to US$130million as at December 2020, and growing annual portfolio inflows from ca.  US$1million 2014 to over US$400million in 2020 at the time of her exit.

 She is an alumnus of INSEAD (France) where she attended the Management Acceleration Programme. She also attended the Leading Businesses Into The Future Programme at the London Business School (UK). She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics from Delta State University in Nigeria.

 With over 10 years of experience in education, fashion, beauty, entertainment, sales, retail and private wealth management advisory and fundraising, she has established a clear leadership track record. 

She is currently expanding Hedge Productions with her international partnerships and collaborations as well as continuously launching charitable projects for Onome Aid Foundation. 

Her passion and great interest in the beauty, garment, and hospitality industries will give birth to projects, achieving her dreams in those industries in the nearest future. 

Her message is clear: No matter the obstacles in life, she will continue to build solid enterprises that help the less privileged overcome life’s obstacles.

Onome’s empathic nature drove her to establish Onome Aid Foundation, a social enterprise that focuses on innovation, human development, and empowerment to combat unemployment, abuse, poverty, and a lack of basic education in society as a whole.

Its mission is to empower women, children, and youth by providing opportunities to grow and become self-sufficient through long-term solutions and equip them with the tools they need to thrive.

Through the foundation’s Women Empowerment Programme (WEP), 20 women are being sponsored to achieve their dreams in technology, culinary arts, and fashion design.

Since its establishment in 2020, the Onome Aid Foundation has helped thousands of people: it has provided food to more than 14,000 people in Lagos, Oyo, and Ogun states respectively, provided free breast cancer screening and mammogram for 150 women, and launched a solarized borehole project for two communities in Nigeria.

The Onome Aid Foundation aims to fulfill its mission by offering a variety of platforms and programs to support African families and women in their personal and professional lives.

Among the foundation’s projects and campaigns, to name a few, are:

Solarized Potable Water Project: To help combat and reduce the number of child and maternal mortality due to lack of clean water, as well as reduce the rate of death and sickness resulting from bad water in Africa.

Women Empowerment Programme (WEP): The foundation provided full scholarship to 20 women to empower them to be financially independent.

Food Outreach Programs: This programme started in 2020 following the pandemic to help struggling families in Nigeria with food items to enable them have an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign: In 2021, the foundation begun to work on a campaign against domestic violence, and the effects it has on children in the home.

Hedge Productions is an independent film and television production company which is fast emerging as an international entertainment platform, that tells and promotes inspiring African stories, which was founded through her passion and calling for the entertainment industry. Her vision is telling stories that will bring to the fore, issues plaquing the society, as well as stories that ensure the continuation and preservation of African history and culture.

She has been involved in the production of several Nollywood-based movies that aims to showcase African culture.

  • THE THERAPIST: After losing everything to her violent ex-husband, this film recounts the extraordinary narrative of a young girl who makes a stronger return by assisting unhappy married women to overcome their failures. The plot explores the course of love, betrayal, and marriage, along with the lengths a woman will go to, in order to change everything.This movie screened at the Cinemas nationwide in Nigeria, and is also currently being screened on Amazon Prime videos.
  • NEMESIS: Produced in 2019, is the thriller/horror film Nemesis, which debuted at the same time as Therapist, was also executive produced by Onome. The film follows a group of Nigerian bank robbers who find themselves on the run from the police in a creepy village. As one by one the team members disappear, a dark secret is revealed. Outside of Hollywood, horror filmmaking is extremely rare, making Nemesis a particularly exciting, niche production.
  • UNHEARD, UNSEEN: An upcoming documentary sharing real-life stories about domestic violence and its impact on women and children across Africa.
  • DEVIL IS A LIAR: A yet to be released project executively produced by Onome.

Wealth Management

Onome’s career soared when she transitioned into the investment management industry where she was able to help her clients in preserving and growing their wealth and help them work towards achieving financial freedom, through financial planning, and the ability to identify opportunities for strategic investments.

In 2014, Onome joined AIICO Capital as a pioneer in the Sales Department and later became the Company’s Head of Private Wealth Management and Client Services, as well as a member of the AIICO Capital Limited Management Committee. As part of her role at AIICO Capital, she was primarily responsible for business development and client services. She increased AIICO Capital’s external clients’ assets under management by 260% between 2014 and December 2020, as well as an increase of 400% in annual portfolio inflows between 2014 and 2020.

Onome is currently sharing her expertise and experience to educate women on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, management, values, and a whole lot more on a platform she created – Informed Ladies – where she is able to reach and touch more women’s lives in Africa and beyond. 

“Coming from Nigeria, a Central African nation. I realize how tough it is to escape poverty, particularly for young girls and women. As a result, via my foundation and mentorship, I devote all of my efforts to empowering women, young girls and giving back to the community.”

- Onome Odometa -